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RestorSea - Pro Intensive Treatment 10X

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A safe and non-irritating alternative to retinols. Better than glycolic acid at reducing the appearance of brown spots. Preferred by patients with sensitive skin and/or rosacea.

In addition to Aquabeautine XL® (INCI: Hydrolyzed Roe), Vitamin C and Brown Algae also contains Xylitylglucoside, which helps soothe, calm and moisturize skin. Squalane helps prevent moisture loss and restores suppleness and flexibility to skin, while the shea Butter helps soothe, calm and moisturize skin.

Why Dr.Emer

loves it.

This easy to use treatment is a a powerful first step in your skin care lineup. It contains enzymes to gently digest dead skin as a safe and non-irritating retinol alternative. Other components soothe and calm sensitive skin, prevent moisture loss, and restore suppleness and skin flexibility.

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