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Surgical Incision Post Care Bundle

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This bundle is designed to treat incisions after surgery to expedite healing and minimize scarring. Treat the affected area twice daily for a few months or as instructed by a physician. After healing, add on the Body Hyperpigmentation and Scar/Stretchmark Laser Prep Package to address any pigmentation concerns.

  • Bundle Contains:
  • Suggested Advanced Add ons:
    • CLn BodyWash - can effectively cleanse compromised skin and decrease the spread of infection. However, skin sufferers find these baths unpleasant and impractical. CLn partnered with leading dermatologists to create a sodium hypochlorite wash. It harnesses the most important ingredient of medicated baths in the form of a clinically proven, effective daily cleanser that won’t ruin clothes and is gentle on the skin.
    • AnteAGE MD Serum - Contains Mesenchymal Stem Cytokines, niacinamide, peptides, and antioxidants to aid healing and reduce inflammation. Improves discoloration and skin texture, reduces
    • Silagen - 100% medical-grade silicone provides a lightweight protective barrier while allowing the skin to Contains no potentially irritating extra ingredients.
    • Re-Fit Face - Re-Fit gives you the courage to take control of yourself care ritual and look as young as you feel using its proprietary formula.
    • Hyla-B - reveal fresher and healthier-looking skin with a potent blend of 4 hyaluronic acids in different molecular weights to instantly improve skin texture, hydration and elasticity.
    • LED LightStim Red Light - LightStim patented LED Light Therapy is a powerful, effective, and natural solution to help achieve clear and healthy skin. It can be used on all skin types and tones.
    • Silagen + SPF30 - Silicone plus zinc oxide for UV protection ideal for exposed areas of the skin to help prevent UV-induced scar hyperpigmentation.
    • Foaming Polish - This anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and lightening daily cleanser is a 3-in-1 luxe treatment foam that leaves skin with a dewy, radiant finish.
    • Vivatia - The hydrating formula in this proprietary foam delivery contains 2% hydroquinone plus 9 complementary ingredients that even the appearance of skin tone and dark spots for more luminous-looking skin.
    • Restorsea 10x - A safe and non-irritating alternative to retinols. Better than glycolic acid at reducing the appearance of brown spots. Preferred by patients with sensitive skin and/or rosacea.


AnteAGE MD® Brightener


The AnteAGE MD® Brightener contains powerful ingredients to reveal glowing, healthy skin. This unique Brightener smooths uneven skin tone and encourages a naturally lighter complexion. Tranexamic acid, engineered peptides, and growth factors combine to fade discoloration without drying or irritation– revealing balanced and radiant skin.