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How To Get Started With The New Emer Skin Line

How To Get Started With The New Emer Skin Line

I love Emer Skin and wholeheartedly feel it is the best complement to a SkinBetter Science Regimen, especially for those who want to prep their skin for lasers and peels or overhaul their sun damage or Melasma.  What makes Emer Skin stand apart from the other lines I carry is that a Cosmetic Dermatologist designed this line for himself and his patients.  Until recently, the only way you could get your hands on Emer Skin was if you were a patient of Dr. Emer.  As you will see, this line is meticulously designed to pretreat and post-treat the skin for laser and chemical peel treatments, and this is where this line stands apart from SkinBetter Science.

SkinBetter Science remains my standard for functional skin health and is still the main line I recommend.  However, when it comes to treating hyperpigmentation and retinol, I often choose other products for my clients.  That is why I am so excited about EMER SKIN!

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