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Cosmetic Procedure Complications and How to Fix Them

Mar 31, 2022

Cosmetic procedures continue to grow in popularity in the United States and across the globe.1 However, these procedures, even those that are minimally invasive, are not without their risks. As a result, as the number of procedures has increased, so have the complications associated with them.

Your Emerage Cosmetics gift guide based on ~zodiac~ signs

Jan 04, 2022

Want to gift your special someone with Emerage Cosmetics but not *exactly* sure what to get? Let the universe decide for you with our curated gift guide based on the 12 zodiac signs.

Stamp your way to beautiful skin

Oct 28, 2021

Whoever said you’re too old to reinvent yourself must have never come across the Dr. Emer method. It’s completely normal as we age for our collagen to break down, age spots to emerge, and fine lines and wrinkles to show the years of your life experience.

The Power of Double Cleansing

Sep 17, 2021

They say good things come to those who double cleanse, and sis, it’s true.  Turns out, when you wash your face just once, there’s still leftover skincare, makeup, and residue on your skin.