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The Power of Double Cleansing

The Power of Double Cleansing

Alexa, remove my makeup

They say good things come to those who double cleanse, and sis, it’s true.  Turns out, when you wash your face just once, there’s still leftover skincare, makeup, and residue on your skin. How is your skin supposed to accept all your amazing skincare ingredients *and* perform its nighttime regeneration process if it’s full of grime? The cliff notes version of this dilemma is that it just can’t. So, girl, we gotta double cleanse. Not sure how to do it? Smile because you’re in good hands. If coupling up cleansers was an episode on Love Island, Dr. Emer would be able to perfectly match the singles from the start.

The perfect pair

Double cleansing is exactly what it sounds like, a two-step cleansing process. The first step is to use an oil-based cleanser NUDESKIN Citrus Clean Balm & Make-up Melt to lift all the skincare, makeup, sunblock, sweat, and pollution off your skin. Oil attracts oil and this will start to break up everything that’s gotten on your face during the day. Don’t like oil? Not a problem. Use micellar water ISDIN Micellar Solution 4-in-1 instead. It contains very small oil molecules called micelles that will bind to the debris on your skin. Follow with a water-based cleanser to dissolve the rest and rinse it all away. If you don’t wear makeup, you still must double cleanse, since you’re already reapplying your SPF  every two hours (side note: if you’re not, then start, like #rightnow).


Step One

Precleanse with the Nudestix Vegan Bamboo Cleansing Cloths to dissolve heavy-duty makeup, skincare, and sunblock. These biodegradable wipes also soften and moisturize skin.

With dry hands, massage an oil-based cleanser into dry skin. Wet your fingertips with lukewarm water and emulsify the cleanser. It will turn into a milky type of consistency. When washing off your eye makeup, place your fingers right below your eyebrows and move them in a downwards motion only. Keep repeating this step until the makeup has lifted off your eyes. The skin around the eye is thin by nature so be gentle. Follow by washing off the oil cleanser.

Dr. Emer recommends using the NudeSkin Citrus Cleansing Balm and Makeup Melt []. This olive oil-based cleanser not only removes makeup, but it also deeply cleanses skin with fruit and plant oil extracts. Rosemary Leaf Oil and May Chang Oil detoxifies congested pores and Eucalyptus Leaf Oil serves as a skin purifier and clarifier. This cleanser also contains apple fruit extract that works as a gentle chemical exfoliator. This alpha hydroxy acid unglues the bonds between dead skin cells, sloughing them away, and revealing brighter skin.

If opting for micellar water, dispense several drops on a cotton pad and gently rub the pad over your skin and eyes until you no longer see traces of dirt and makeup on it. You may need to repeat this step a few times depending on what exactly you’ve been up to that day. (If it’s juicy, send us an email- we love a good story!).

Dr. Emer recommends ISDIN Micellar Solution 4-in-1. This micellar water is packed with natural ingredients like anti-bacterial coconut to remove makeup and cleanse the skin. It also contains skin-brightening rapeseed oil and detoxifying castor oil to hydrate and plump.

Step Two

On damp skin, apply your water-based cleanser. Dr. Emer recommends choosing a cleanser based on your skincare concerns. The cleanser will be able to penetrate deeper into your skin and remove all remaining residue as well as any lingering bits of the oil cleanser. Rinse with lukewarm water.

For dull or oily skin, get glowing with the Emerage Skin Enzymatic Polish. This gentle skin-resurfacing cleanser is packed with exfoliating and brightening papaya enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids. It smooths out skin texture while it’s antioxidant-rich vitamin complex does the most to soften, hydrate, and nourish your skin.


If your skin is dry or you’re in post-treatment mode, Dr. Emer recommends using skin plumping Emerage Skin Foaming Polish. The gentle cleanser removes all your skin’s remaining impurities with Jojoba Extract without stripping its moisture. It contains nourishing Marine Sea Whip Extract to hydrate your skin and soothes skin with Licorice Root Extract.


For acne prone skin, use the non-drying iS Clinical Cleansing Complex cleanser. This gel cleanser removes impurities from the pores and subsequently reduces their appearance with White Willow Bark Extract. Skin looks and feels soft and smooth thanks to resurfacing Sugarcane Extract. It also contains anti-aging Centella Asiatica and skin-calming Chamomile Flower Extract. FYI, this cleanser is great for shaving. The Jan Marini Bioglycolic Face Cleanser is another great option for acne prone skin. This non-irritating formula gives skin a deep cleanse and leaves skin soft and moisturized.

Dr. Emer’s Tips + Tricks

  • Take your double cleanse experience one step further by using a cleansing tool to enhance the effects. Dr. Emer loves the QYK Sonic Zoe Bliss because it maximizes ingredient penetration and gives your skincare routine more bang for its buck. This is a great tool to add to your routine if you notice your skin is looking weathered and want to reduce the signs of aging [hyperlink signs of aging to stamping blog].
  • If you find that your skin needs an extra cleanse during the day (sweaty session at the gym…or locker room?!) and you don’t have time for a full double cleanse, Dr. Emer recommends using the NUDESKIN Vegan Bamboo-Derived Cleansing Cloths followed by a generous application of Emerage Skin Fusion Shield SPF 30. The cleansing cloths contain citrus and coconut oils to dissolve sweat and debris while softening skin. The also will calm down redness with their aloe, chamomile, and cucumber extracts. The Fusion Shield SPF 30 provides broad spectrum sun protection and doubles as a tinted moisturizer. No one will know what you were up to (unless you tell them!).
  • The NudeSkin Citrus Cleansing Balm and Makeup Melt also doubles as a face mask. On clean skin, apply the cleanser and leave for 15 minutes. Use once a week for an extra boost of hydration to give you a gorgeous plumped up glow.

  • To prepare your skin for your medical grade products, it’s *super* important that you exfoliate and tone beforehand. After double cleansing, use the Nudeskin Lemonaid Detox Micropeel. This vegan at-home peel uses enzymes to dissolve and detox the pores of excess oil, dirt and pollution. Think of it as eating salads after a week binging on spicy tuna rolls with a lot of soy sauce. Skin tone and texture looks visibly rejuvenated, brightened, and glowy. Follow with the Nudeskin 5% Citrus Fruit & Glycolic Glow Toner to balance your skin’s pH and to unglue the bonds between any dead skin cells. Fresh skin is revealed and able to absorb all the medical grade ingredients coming its way. Another great toner is the Reve Skin Acne Purifying Enhancer. This acne-fighting toner controls oil production and unclogs pores. It also heals acne wounds and fades acne scars. Now that you’re primed and prepped, it’s time to get to werkkk with building up your collagen. Dr. Emer recommends using microstamping and/or dermarolling.


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