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ISDIN Micellar Solution 4-in-1

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ISDIN Micellar Solution 4-in-1 is the first micellar water recommended by makeup professionals. Easily removes even the most resistant makeup in a single step, cleaning, toning, and profoundly hydrating the skin, leaving it soft, bright and free of impurities.

Natural ingredients suited for sensitive skin make ISDIN Micellar Solution the best choice when starting any skincare routine.



✔ REMOVES MAKEUP - Gently removes all impurities and traces of makeup.

✔ CLEANS - Cleans any skin type in-depth in a single step, even the most sensitive skins.

✔ TONES - Reduces pore size, leaving the skin noticeably more uniform.

✔ HYDRATES - Its aqueous base and natural ingredients favour hydration.

Why Dr.Emer

loves it.

When looking for facial beauty one of the most important factors is uniformity. The ISDIN Micellar Solution works to deep cleanse your skin, removing deep-seeded makeup and impurities. It leaves the face tone and moisturized, and by also reducing pore size, leaves the skin noticeable more uniform throughout.

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