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Fusion Shield SPF 30 

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| by Jason Emer Skin Care, LLC

A sunscreen you’ll want to put on every single day. This breakthrough, multifunctional physical  sunscreen protects, camouflages, and fights the signs of aging. 

This tinted, mineral-based, non-sticky formulation provides 80-minute water resistance with  broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection. THD Ascorbate Vitamin C works as a powerful  antioxidant that protects skin from damaging free radicals while evening and brightening skin  tone. Citrus extracts (Panthenyl Triacetate and Naringenin) help soothe and reduce irritation for  even the most sensitive skin. You can even use Fusion Shield as a primer for full-face, or a  stand-in for foundation to camouflage imperfections and create a sheer glow.   

The Good Stuff: 

• 100% mineral broad-spectrum UVA and UVB SPF protection mineral broad-spectrum
• UVA and UVB SPF protection 
• Swimming, sweating, or sitting, water resistant for up to 80-minutes
• Instantly soothes, reduces irritation, and restores skin barrier protection
• Brightens and evens skin tone
• Conceals and camouflages skin imperfections for a sheer, glowing finish
• Non-sticky formula that applies smoothly
• Chemical filters-free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free

 The Ingredients:  

• Zinc 11%:​  100% physical sunscreen that provides protection from both UVA and UVB  rays 
• THD Ascorbate Vitamin C  Protects skin cells from damaging free radicals caused by  the sun and lightens dark spots and evens out skin tone
• Panthenyl Triacetate and Naringenin: ​ Natural substances found in citrus fruits used to  help soothe the skin, reduce skin irritation, and restore hydration
• Marine fraction:​  Helps increase collagen reproduction, improve skin elasticity, and  actively reduce wrinkles

The Skin Fix:  

• This product is perfect for any and every skin type, including reactive, sensitive, or even  healing skin from a breakout or post-treatment. A generous layer of Fusion Shield SPF  30 will soothe, moisturize, and protect your most important barrier. 

Why Dr.Emer

loves it.

Physical sunscreens (compared to chemical) cause far less irritation and get to work instantly.  Both Vitamin C and marine extracts are antioxidants that fight free radicals known to cause  premature aging. 

Unlike other physical sunscreens, Fusion Shield SPF 30 glides smoothly onto the skin, layering  flawlessly with other skincare products. The unique matte finish makes Fusion Shield the  perfect base to easily apply under makeup. The medium-tone tint gives skin a warm hue. Keep  an eye out for a full-spectrum of tints for every tone in the very near future. 

Still Unsure? Ask the doctor.

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