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How to Add some vitamin C to your routine

How to Add some vitamin C to your routine

It’s the *ultimate* glow-getter (just like you, girl!)

It’s time to look in the mirror and realize this is your season. Say goodbye to dull skin, dark spots, fine lines, and rough texture, and hello to looking like the best version of you.

AOX | Emerage Cosmetics
Emerage Skin uses the best form of vitamin C to deliver skin-brightening and anti-aging results. 

There’s a reason why you keep coming across information about using vitamin C in your skincare routine. No one is lying to ya; the benefits are amazing. The problem with vitamin C is the type that most manufacturers use. If your skin is prone to sensitivity, rosacea, or acne, chances are you’ve had an unpleasant experience or two with vitamin C skincare products.

Protect your skin with AOX-C while getting your daily dose of vitamin sea.


Spoil your skin

That’s exactly why Dr. Emer formulated his Emerage Skin AOX-C serum with Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate 20%, the most stable, non-irritating, and potent form of vitamin C that works on all skin types. Being the globally renowned dermatologist he is, we’re not surprised to say that he took it a step further. Dr. Emer added skin-brightening and complexion-enhancing concentrated blueberry extracts and skin-soothing and softening marine sea whip extracts to the Emerage Skin AOX-C formula. Get your Tom Ford sunnies, honey, because your skin is going to be glowing!

Lightweight and quick to absorb, turn applying your Emerage Skin AOX-C into a self-love ritual.


Not only will your skin look more radiant, firm, and youthful, but it will feel more supple thanks to its restored moisture balance. You’ll also notice a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And while you are busy clicking your #nofilterneeded selfies? You’ll be all smiles because you know the Emerage Skin AOX-C is providing maximum protection against environmental (aka UV free radical) damage.

Juice up your routine

Get into the habit of incorporating Emerage Skin AOX-C into your morning and evening skincare routines. Start by removing makeup, pollution, debris, and any other residue (wink wink) from your face with ISDIN Miceller 4-in-1 miceller water. Follow by cleansing with Jan Marini Clean Zyme Face Cleanser. Dispense 4-5 drops of Emerage Skin AOX-C from its pipette into the palm of your hand and gently tap the serum into your face, neck, and chest.

Not sure how to apply your serum? Here's how to do it. 


Don’t stop there! Follow by applying rejuvenating Emerage Skin RE-FIT FACE growth factors to regenerate your skin barrier and giving you firmer and more supple skin. Next use antioxidant rich Senté Dermal Repair Crème on your face, neck and chest. This moisturizer not only hydrates and plumps your skin but it does the most to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, diminish sun spots, and even out your skin texture.

Lastly, apply a generous amount Emerage Skin Fusion Shield SPF 30+ Mineral Sunscreen to your skin. It’s *super* important you use this even if you plan on staying indoors. UVA rays penetrate through glass and rays that silently age our skin. Be true to Dr. Emer’s method, and within a month, you will see a drastic difference to your skin. Smooth radiance is coming your way!

Fusion Shield is a must have broad spectrum for anyone serious about their skincare. Bonus- it doubles as a beautiful tinted moisturizer.


If you are considering pouring Emerage Skin AOX-C over your entire life after reading about all its benefits, let us know how it goes! We’ve been thinking we need some all over life brightening too (wink wink)!

Dr. Emer’s Tips and Tricks

  • Don’t stop at just your face. Use Emerage Skin AOX-C on any part of your body that needs a pick-me-up. Dr. Emer recommends applying AOX-C to the neck, chest, arms, and even hands for total skin rejuvenation.
Show your chest some AOX-C love! Nothing gives away your age like a flawless complexion and spotted chest.
  • Have some fun and take a selfie before you start Emerage Skin AOX-C. Then, take another selfie on day 30 (mark it in your calendar so you don’t forget!). Prepare to be spellbound by your glow-up! Make sure you take the photo with the same lighting and same background, if possible.
  • For a serious skin upgrade, combine Emerage Skin AOX-C with the Emerage Skin x AnteAGE Aerify Microneedling System.
We're pretty sure Dr. Emer incarnated as a skin god to give us what nature couldn't.

Use Emerage Skin AOX-C after dermarolling three nights a week to seriously rewind time. You’ll notice enhanced brightness, firmness, and a more youthful looking tightness and tone to your skin before you know it!
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