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This is Why You Need At-home Microneedling - Emerage Cosmetics

This is Why You Need At-home Microneedling

Status update: Glowing from the inside out

Sis, if you grew up singing along to Spice Girls’ Wannabe, then we’ll tell you what you want, what you really, really want…and it’s the Emerage Skin x AnteAGE Aerify Microneedling System. Chances are you spent a few too many days partying in the sun, neglecting sunblock (cause that sunburn will turn tan tomorrow, amirite?!), and living your best wrinkle-inducing life. If you feel like your skin has a little more sag and not enough swag, keep reading!

Microneedling - Emerage Cosmetics

At-home microneedling is an incredibly easy way to regenerate your skin. It’s super effective and gives you actual, noticeable results...and, to answer your burning question, no, it does not hurt! After you get into the habit of consistently using a microneedling roller, prepare to get asked how you have managed to turn back the clock. Your toned skin and refreshed complexion will be noticed by *everyone*!

Your skin is an investment, not an expense

The Emerage Skin x AnteAGE Aerify Microneedling System truly transports you back in time (when you know, you didn’t appreciate how hot you looked!). The Aerify Microneedling Solution is lightweight and fast absorbing.

Aerify Microneedling Solution | Emerage Cosmetics

It’s packed with Bone Marrow Stem Cell Growth Factors to build collagen and heal skin, super hydrator Hyaluronic Acid, Melanostatine to decrease pigment production, and DDPD, a neurotoxin alternative.

What does that mean? To break it down, this formula penetrates deep into your skin and works synergistically with your body. It heals your skin from within, stimulating collagen, hydrating, and retexturizing your complexion. Say hello to smooth skin, even tone, and a significantly reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce skin redness and sensitivity.

With consistent use of the Emerage Skin x AnteAGE Aerify Microneedling System, you’re going to love staring at your reflection in the mirror.

Radiance, ignited

The Dr. Emer method takes your at-home microneedling experience to the next level with its Emerage Skin x AnteAGE Aerify Microneedling System.  There are no other systems that improve your skin’s current condition and restores your skin’s ability to regenerate. Dr. Emer developed his system to use the microneedling roller to create tiny channels in your skin. These channels allow for enhanced penetration of your products- meaning those skin-loving ingredients are going to work even better. The result? Decreased hyperpigmentation, firmer, tighter, and brighter skin, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, smaller sized pores, and a smoother, more even skin texture. Girl, you will be glowing from the inside out!

Dermaroller up close | Emerage Cosmetics

Step by step, 3 times per week

It’s essential to disinfect the roller before and after each use. Dr. Emer recommends putting 70% isopropyl alcohol into a spray bottle and liberally misting the roller. Double cleanse your skin using a pea-sized amount of the NudeSkin Citrus Clean Balm & Make-up Melt followed by 1-2 pumps of the Emerage Enzymatic Polish cleanser.

Emerage Skin Foaming Polish | Emerage Cosmetics

Apply the stem cell facial treatment onto your skin with clean hands. This formula contains stem cell growth factors to amplify the rejuvenating effects of microneedling and hydrating hyaluronic acid. In “T” shaped motions, roll the microneedling roller 5-7 times on each section of your face both horizontally and vertically. The roller will do the work for you, so no need to press it hard into your skin.

Dermaroller T Motion | Emerage Cosmetics

Afterwards, follow up with 5-8 drops of Emerage Skin HYLA-B, 2 pumps of Emerage Skin RE-FIT FACE growth factor, iS Clinical Reparative Moisture Emulsion, and Emerage Skin Fusion Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 30+ Mineral Sunscreen.

Microneedling After Care Routine | Emerage Cosmetics

Make sure you clean your roller properly and avoid any extracurricular activities that get you hot and sweaty (yes, we know what you are thinking, that’s included too). By the way, this is the time to be selfish. Never share your roller with anybody else!

Dr. Emer’s Tips and Tricks

  • Feel more confident than ever by rolling away your stretch marks. The Emerage Skin x AnteAGE Aerify Microneedling System activation set  reduces the appearance of those pesky tiger stripes. Make it part of your weekly routine and start shopping for some new bikinis too.
  • To upgrade your results, after using the Emerage Skin x AnteAGE Aerify Microneedling System, enhance your complexion with Dr. Emer’s Aerify Complexion Kit. Redefine yourself by turning a fresh-faced moment into a new-you movement. The Aerify Complexion Kit is the first medical-grade at-home peel of its kind and delivers similar results to a more costly, in office medical peel. Expect to see skin as dramatically refreshed as JLO and Ben’s rekindled relationship.
  • Bye-bye #techneck. Don’t stop at your face, you can roll your way to smooth looking neck (and chest) too!
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