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Stamp your way to beautiful skin

Stamp your way to beautiful skin

…because you’re never too old to look younger

Whoever said you’re too old to reinvent yourself must have never come across the Dr. Emer method. It’s completely normal as we age for our collagen to break down, age spots to emerge, and fine lines and wrinkles to show the years of your life experience. It’s also normal to have acne scars, blemishes, and stretch marks. What’s *not* normal is to be depressed about your reflection…and not do a single thing about it. If your goal is to age like a fine wine, and not like spoiled milk, then sis, it’s time to take care of your skin instead of just covering it up.

Dr. Emer brought us the one-of-a-kind Aerify Complexion Kit at-home chemical peel and the Aerify Microneedling System and now has expertly crafted and created the Emerage Skin Microchannel Stamp. Yes girl, you read that right, a stamp…and in the world of anti-aging skincare, this tool is as hot as the sultry stares Megan Fox throws at Machine Gun Kelly.

Hit your goal faster

There are two big reasons why the Emerage Skin Microchannel Stamp is going to be your new best friend. First, it stimulates and activates both elastin and collagen production. Second, studies show it makes your active ingredients work 1,000 times better (yes, you read that right).

The Emerage Skin Microchannel Stamp is poppin’ with 140 medical-grade titanium cones that break the upper layers of your skin to encourage tissue formation, collagen production, and increase blood supply. Lay the flat head of the stamper on your skin to create a new you. Within a month, you’ll start to notice an overall healthy, even skin tone.

Still thinking about that extra 1,000? Using the Emerage Skin Microchannel Stamp with Dr. Emer’s recommended products targeted towards your skin concern (hyperpigmentation, anyone?) maximizes your results and amplifies your X- factor. Fasten your seatbelt, honey, and get ready for the skincare ride of your life. Leave blemishes, blackheads, large pores, and excess oil behind and prepare for some seriously dramatic changes in color, texture, and tone of your skin.

Serum on, negative thoughts off

Before and after using the stamp, apply one of Dr. Emer’s recommended serums to the area being treated with clean hands. For extra hydration, Dr. Emer recommends applying 5-8 drops of skin plumping SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel. This serum is non-pore clogging, ideal for acne-prone skin, and enhances the effects of your daily moisturizer.



For deep skin rejuvenation and regeneration, use Aeirfy Microneedling Solution to smooth, firm, tighten, and tone your complexion. For skin that is especially red and irritated, Dr. Emer recommends using 5-8 drops of antioxidant rich EMK Rescue Serum. It’s proprietary BIOPLACENTA promotes healing from deep within the skin.

The lady and the stamp, Emer edition

Before stamping, precleanse your skin with the Nudeskin Vegan Bamboo Cleansing Cloths to dissolve makeup, skincare, and sunblock. It’s important that skin has no leftover residue before stamping so precleansing is an absolute must. Then, double cleanse your skin using a pea-sized amount of the NudeSkin Citrus Clean Balm & Make-up Melt followed by 1-2 pumps of the Emerage Enzymatic Polish cleanser

Dr. Emer recommends toning skin after cleansing to further improve your skin’s ability to receive the medical grade serum. If you have oily or acne prone skin, use the Reveskin Acne Purifying Enhancer to control excess oil, further dissolve debris in pores, and promote wound healing for existing acne scars. If your skin is normal to dry, use the Nudeskin 5% Citrus Fruit & Glycolic Glow Toner. This dissolves the bonds between dead skin cells and removes them from skin. Fresher skin is revealed and ready for stamping.  Make sure you keep your eyes on the (hygiene) prize and soak your microchannel stamper in 70% isopropyl alcohol before and after each use.

Apply either the Aerify ampule or the Microneedling Solution along with Emerage Skin Hyla-B to your skin, then press the stamp head gently onto your skin. Hold the stamper with your index finger on top and use gentle pressure with a controlled motion. Hold your skin taut and begin stamping in a continual series of press and lift motions. Stamp each area of skin for five to seven times until your skin appears light pink.


Don’t be a drag! The Emerage Skin Microchannel Stamp is designed to be pressed and lifted off the skin, not dragged all over it. 


Best part? The microchannel stamper *isn’t* just for your face. You can use it anywhere on the skin, including the neck, chest, scalp, and hands to enhance product penetration. Imagine how hot and taut your firm skin is going to look!

For a happy ending

To finish the job, apply one pump of Re-Fit Eye to the under-eye area and two pumps of Re-Fit Face to your complexion. Dr. Emer created these two formulas with growth factors to combat the signs of aging with cell regeneration. Re-Fit Eye also depuffs the eye area and reduces the appearance of dark circles. Re-Fit Face contains peptides that promote firmness while simultaneously plumping and hydrating skin.


After zhooshing up with your skin with growth factors, apply skin soothing moisturizer ReveSkin Silver Moist Daily Cream to intensely moisturize your skin and promote healing. Lastly, apply Fusion Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 30 to keep your skin protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Remember, you gotta to use this even if you plan on staying indoors! UVA rays penetrate through windows and these collagen-depleting rays are known as the silent premature agers.

Dr. Emer’s Tips + Tricks:

  • Remember: Healthy skin is not an overnight process. You must be consistent to see results. Take a selfie on day 1 and day 30, using the same lighting and background. Look at how much your skin has dramatically improved and smile, knowing, yes you did that!
  • Don’t use the Emerage Skin Microchannel Stamp on your under eye area. That skin is too thin! Use the Genosys Eye Roller 0.25mm instead. It’s gentler with your delicate bits.
  • To upgrade your collagen stimulation and enhance the effects of the stamping, incorporate your Emerage Skin Microchannel Stamp routine with the Aerify Complexion Kit.

This powerful duo will do all the work for you to regenerate, firm, and erase the effects of time on your face. Dr. Emer has brought the power of medical-grade clinical skincare treatments to the comfort of your home. You can watch Sex/Life on Netflix while using your at-home chemical peel and give your mind and skin the sultry workout it deserves.

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