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Your Emerage Cosmetics gift guide based on ~zodiac~ signs

Your Emerage Cosmetics gift guide based on ~zodiac~ signs

Let the stars determine your perfect pressie

Want to gift your special someone with Emerage Cosmetics but not *exactly* sure what to get? Let the universe decide for you with our curated gift guide based on the 12 zodiac signs. Afterall, wouldn’t you special Pisces love a gift from Restorsea, a cruelty-free skincare brand that uses hydrolyzed roe from salmon to gently exfoliate skin and turn back time? Maybe your saucy Scorpio would take pleasure in receiving Joylux’s vFit to improve her vaginal wellness, sensation, strength, and hydration.

Burn some sage. Light a candle. Pour yourself a cup of kombucha. It’s time to take a deep dive into the world of astrology, Dr. Emer style.

Aquarius (January 21-February 18)

Harry Styles. Michael B. Jordan. Cristiano Ronaldo. Gabriel Macht. The Weeknd. What do these men have in common (besides being on our bedside wish list?) They all belong to our first stop on the zodiac wheel, the airy Aquarius. This star sign often gets a bad rap for being emotionally detached, but truth be told, they’re usually lost in thought in their own bubble of logic, creatively thinking how to solve the world’s problems. Intelligent and clever, Aquarians live life outside the box of norms and utilize different components to reach their solutions.

That’s why the Aerify Complexion Kit is the perfect gift for our air signs. They’ll love the practicality of getting at-home, medical grade peel kit that improves skin texture, minimises the appearance of large pores, brightens skin, and reduces hyperpigmentation. Within 14 days their complexion will be renewed, and they’ll attack the latest humanitarian crisis with a fresh face. The Aerify Complexion Kit contains a daily two week regimen that consists of a brightening Illuminating Mask, cleansing Foaming Polish, exfoliating Hyla A serum, brightening High Spot treatment, repairing Soothe barrier, and tinted SPF moisturizer SPF Fusion Shield. Aging skin, acne scars, and discoloration, begone!

♒︎📦 Take your love of astrology and skincare to the next level with Dr. Emer’s curated Aquarius skincare bundle.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Watery Pisces is the most sensitive and emotional sign of the zodiac. Whether they scroll through 50 Cent’s IG feed, find out who Pete Davidson and his BDE are now dating, or read about Lindsay Lohan’s latest engagement, they’ll laugh, cry, and feel all the feels.

On the flip side, Pisces are known to be a tad indecisive (I don’t care what restaurant we go to; you pick!). Your special Piscean will appreciate your thoughtfulness in introducing a new skincare brand to them. We can’t think of a more apt gift for Pisces than Restorsea, which is centred around an enzyme used by salmon when to hatch out of their eggshell. This enzyme is more effective than glycolic acid at exfoliating and reducing the signs of aging.

Treat your special Pisces like gold (literally) with the Restorsea 24kt Liquid Gold Face Oil. This non-pore clogging face oil works as a hydrator for dry skin and a sebum-controller (aka shine reducer) for oily skin. A few drops on the face, neck, and chest after moisturising will help even out the skin tone and keep skin looking as dewy as Saweetie. We totes recommend including the Restorsea Lip Magic for your Piscean to make their pouts more puckered and youthful by gently dissolving the extra layer of skin that forms over the lips as we age. Tell your special Pisces that in 15 days, they’re lips will be softer, smoother, and more defined.

Bring your Piscean a few tissues, too. They’ll most likely shed a few tears when you tell them that Restorsea is a cruelty-free brand. They do not harm any animals or fish when extracting their skin-enhancing enzyme.

♓︎📦 Take your love of astrology and skincare to the next level with Dr. Emer’s curated Pisces skincare bundle.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Fiery Aries are go-getters by nature. This bold, assertive, and passionate star sign never backs down from a challenge. Just look at the famous Aries Kourtney Kardashian. After she (finally) left Scott Disick out to dry, she got herself a new man, a new diamond, and a whole new outlook on life. While we admire the persistence of the Aries star sign, they can burn themselves out if they don’t take a break from their hectic schedule every now and then. Exhaustion is always read in the eyes so it’s no surprise that our Aries need some TLC for the delicate eye area.

If an Aries went on a quest searching for the fountain of youth, they’d come back with this eye-smoothing combo: the Genosys Eye Roller 0.25mm and
the AnteAGE MD Microneedling Solution. This powerful duo does the most to stimulate collagen and elastin, firming the eye area and turning back the proverbial clock. The Genosys Eye Roller 0.25mm uses surgical stainless steel needles to create painless micro-channels to stimulate collagen and elastin as well as allow the AnteAGE MD Microneedling Solution to penetrate deep into skin to enhance the benefits of this serum. The formula within AnteAGE MD Microneedling Solution is in a league of its own (quite like your Aries) in that it works synergistically with your body. Within a month of using this youth-enhancing duo, the undereye area will be smoother with a significantly reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

♈︎📦Take your love of astrology and skincare to the next level with Dr. Emer’s curated Aries skincare bundle.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Earthy Taurus are dependable, hard workers. They’re intelligent, results driven, and dare we say it, known to be quite stubborn. Every Taurus knows their worth and they love to see the results of their focused actions. Just look at famous Taurus Channing Tatum. He knew the years he spent grinding on 30-something desperate housewives in mediocre Florida strip clubs would amount to something *much* bigger. It was the “seed” he planted to birth Magic Mike.

This star sign is most comfortable when grounded in the earth. So why not gift your special Taurus with skincare that contains ingredients straight from Mother Gaia herself. Beauty Magnet harnesses the power of self-love with its crystal-infused five-in-one magnetized professional skincare tool. The Beauty Magnet contains a dermaroller to firm skin and enhance product penetration, a rose quartz face roller to contour the face with a harmonising energy, de-puffing eye roller, comedone extractor, and precise tweezer for expert hair removal. Your special Taurus will appreciate the functionality and ergonomic engineering of the Beauty Magnet as well as its sleek design.

Pair the Beauty Magnet with Nudeskin’s Gentle Hydra-Gel Face Cleanser and Citrus-C Mask and Daily Moisturizer. Let you Taurus know that both vegan products double as face masks and are dreamy to use with Beauty Magnet’s rose quartz roller. The Hydra-Gel Face Cleanser is a non-foamy, hyaluronic acid-based (read: ultra-hydrating) cleanser that suits all skin types. The Citrus-C Mask and Daily Moisturizer uses natural ingredients like yuzu and turmeric to brighten skin, even out skin’s texture, and provide continuous hydration for soft and smooth skin.

♉︎📦 Take your love of astrology and skincare to the next level with Dr. Emer’s curated Taurus skincare bundle.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Before we get to the obvious, let’s start with Geminis positive traits. They’re adaptable, outspoken, and a lot of (crazy) fun. They’re also highly emotionally intelligent creatives with a knack for knowing (and breaking) the latest gossip. Yes, our airy Geminis do have a reputation for being two-faced (Kanye, we’re lookin’ at you). But you know what? We see that as a good thing.

Dabble in the best of both worlds by gifting your Gemini the Plush Clay Face Mask. Just like the nature of a Gemini, this moldable mask easily conforms to the contour of the face and can be used as hot or cold therapy (depending on the Gemini’s mood…or we mean, skin needs). It offers a wealth of skin-positive benefits like enhanced product penetration, soothing irritated skin, post-laser and cosmetic procedure relief, and minimizing the appearance of pores. This spa-like Plush Clay Face Mask is two-faced itself. Containing a blend of natural ceramic clay and non-toxic oils, one side of the mask has a luxuriously soft plush backing to aid in soothing skin while other side is formulated with a premium PVC cover to deliver a more intense treatment.

To accompany the Plush Clay Face Mask, pair it with the AnteAge MD GF Serum. This state-of-art formula contains growth factors and stem cytokines extracted from stem cells to dramatically change skin from within to give it a youthful and revitalized appearance. In addition to the growth factors and stem cytokines, this serum contains skin-firming peptides and anti-aging antioxidants. What can your Gemini expect? Combining the Plush Clay Face Mask  with the AnteAge MD GF Serum is the perfect recipe for glowing and radiant skin with fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

♊︎📦 Take your love of astrology and skincare to the next level with Dr. Emer’s curated Gemini skincare bundle.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

This star sign is unique in that their greatest asset is also their greatest weakness. What is it, you ask? It’s their giant, loving heart. The natural-born nurturers will give anyone a second, third, and fourth chance. Just look at famous Cancerian Khloe Kardashian. We’ve lost count of the number of not-so-secret side chicks and babies of her lover Tristan Thomas. “True” to her star sign, Khloe always posts a few deep quotes on her Instastories and proceeds to take the serial cheater back.

Cancers are immersed in their emotions thanks to the watery and intuitive nature of their zodiac. It’s a superpower to always have faith in others, and that’s why gifting your special Cancer with the gentle Faith Cosmetics LameLabo Essence Serum and Moisture Lotion, will help them hydrate (and potentially replace all those shed tears *wink wink*). This special serum contains Faith Fresh Collagen with vitamin C to promote a bright and smooth complexion. When used in combination with the Faith Cosmetics Moisture Lotion, you’ll turn tables with your Cancer by nurturing them with this ultimate hydrating treat.

♋︎📦 Take your love of astrology and skincare to the next level with Dr. Emer’s curated Cancer skincare bundle.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

The lion is king of the jungle, so naturally the Leo is the king of the zodiac. Full of pride, oozing with ambition, and always the life of the party, these natural born leaders are alphas to their core. Leos are the popular ones, even if their behavior errs on the side of being attention-seeking. Look at Leo power couple, Bennifer 2.0 and their penchant for publicity stunts. After breaking off her engagement with A-rod (another Leo), JLo and Ben wasted no time in getting back together, and they made sure the whole world knew. Just look (and cringe) at Ben’s giant phoenix back tattoo (btw Dr. Emer does tattoo removal), JLo’s numerous strings of relationships, and the pairs’ love affair with the spotlight and you’ll understand all that encapsulates a Leos fiery energy.

For a gift as worthy of the Leo themself, opt for EMK Beverly Hills Alpha Mask and Rescue Serum. Pamper your Leo with the celeb-loved Alpha Mask is a red carpet fave because it instantly tightens and plumps skin thanks to its luxurious formula containing skin-nourishing emollients and fatty acids like jojoba seed oil and stearic acid, occlusive moisturizers like shea butter, firming peptides, and EMK’s signature bioplacenta plant proteins. Have your Leo use the antioxidant-packed Rescue Serum every night to aid in the skin’s natural repairing process as they sleep. With consistent use, they’ll wake up with firmer, brighter, and more radiant A-list skin.

♌︎📦 Take your love of astrology and skincare to the next level with Dr. Emer’s curated Leo skincare bundle.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Methodical, practical, and quick-thinkers, Virgos work hard under stress. They’re also frequently stressed. Take Beyonce for example. She didn’t get to her Queen Bey status but half-assing her way in the industry. She did the most (and then some) to cement her iconic status in the world. Nothing can stop her drive (even when there’s a billion dollars on an elevator).

Virgos appreciate functional design and the beauty of buying something that gives quick results. They’ll have major heart eyes when they open up their Emerage Skin x AnteAge Aerify Microneedling System, known as the fountain of youth in a box. It features a medical grade dermaroller that painlessly creates tiny micro-channels in the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production *and* help your Virgos skincare products penetrate deeper into the skin for more enhanced and better results. The kit also comes with the Aerify Microneedling Solution to be used in conjunction with the dermaroller. Before and after dermarolling skin, your Virgo will apply the special solution to their skin to allow its skin-firming growth factors and stem cytokines and well as hydrating hyaluronic acid to work its magic in plumping up and regenerating skin for a renewed, youthful complexion.

♍︎📦 Take your love of astrology and skincare to the next level with Dr. Emer’s curated Virgo skincare bundle.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

It’s often said that Libras are the best star sign of the zodiac. We don’t disagree. This air sign is life’s harmonizer, finding peace and balance in every situation. They’re charming, loved by everyone, and are the type of people who make you feel “at home”, wherever you are. Libras are naturally popular social butterflies and are *always* at the best events and parties. Wouldn’t you want to hang out with famous Libras Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, and Candice Swanpoele too?

You know what these famous Libra ladies as well as your special Libra love to receive as a gift from Emerage Cosmetics? A gift basket full of face masks. What more could these social butterflies ask for after a long day (and night) or socializing? Your best bet to please your Libra pal is a medley of face masks by the likes of Nudeskin and Jan Marini.

Pigment-busting Jan Marini’s Luminate Face Mask is perfect for Libras who spend a lot of time in the sun. Specially formulated with alpha hydroxy acids like lactic acid and mandelic acid, this mask gently exfoliates and sloughs away pigmentation for an even skin tone. It’s fortified with antioxidants for enhanced brightening and smoothing as well as moisturisers for a plumped up and healthy skin appearance. Clarifying Nudeskin’s Tight and Bright Mask contains beta hydroxy acids to deeply penetrate pores and remove build-up, excess sebum, and congestion. It’s formulated with exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids and skin-calming and sebum-controlling niacinamide to promote a clear, even-toned, and healthy-looking complexion. Moisturizing Nudeskin’s Citrus-C Mask and Daily Moisturizer  doubles as a mask and moisturizer to bring skin hydration, nourishment, and a brightening effect. This gentle mask uses natural ingredients like yuzu and turmeric along with skin smoothers like vitamin E and fatty acids to make skin impeccably soft and supple.

♎︎📦 Take your love of astrology and skincare to the next level with Dr. Emer’s curated Libra skincare bundle.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Sexy and sensual, watery Scorpios are the vixens of the zodiac. Just look at Pete Davidson. There’s a reason why Hollywood’s starlets can’t get enough of him. We don’t think it’s his homeless man-chic that has these girls in a tizzy, instead it has to do with his Scorpio BDE game. Scorpios are observant as hell, see the unseen, and once you cross them? You’ll never recover. They also can be secretive, resentful, and vengeful too. Would you mess with the likes of famous Scorps Drake, Ciara, or SZA? We think not.

Give your Scorpio the gift of better sex. Joylux’s vFit Gold Plus at-home vaginal rejuvenator device painlessly uses red light therapy, gentle heat, and sonic technology to strengthen and tighten vaginal tissues for enhanced sensation and hydration. The result? Your Scorpio will enjoy the empowerment of a rejuvenated vagina *and* sex life.

Take a step further for your beloved Scorpio and gift them with the Aerify Complexion Kit along with the vFit Gold Plus. This medical grade peel kit safely lightens intimate areas for enhanced confidence and an even skin tone.

♏︎📦 Take your love of astrology and skincare to the next level with Dr. Emer’s curated Scorpio skincare bundle.


Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Independent with a keen eye for business and an optimistic, big-picture outlook on life, fire sign Sagittarians are notorious for their goal-setting and entrepreneurial skills as well as their acute emotional intelligence. Just look at our very own Dr. Emer, who is a globally known and renowned double board-certified dermatologist who is a celebrity in his own right and ranks with the likes of fellow Sags Hailey Bieber, DJ Khaled, and Scarlett Johansson.

The biggest weakness for a Sag? Sometimes they forget to carve out a little time for themselves in their busy schedules. That’s why the Dermabeam Pro is the perfect gift for your special Sag. This light therapy mask boasts (in true Sagittarian style) seven different LED lights for maximum skin benefits. Impress your Sag with the knowledge that the Dermabeam Pro offers light therapy to improve skin’s texture, tone, clarity, firmness, and redness. It’s easy to use and will force your Sagittarius bestie to take a much-needed break.

Gift your special Sag the Emerage Skin AOX-C serum to maximize its effects with the Dermabeam Pro light therapy. This vitamin C serum contains the most effective and stable form of vitamin C, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (THD ascorbate). Your Sag will notice a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, brighter and smoother skin, and decreased hyperpigmentation thanks to THD ascorbate’s special properties in AOX-C. It’s able to penetrate deeply into skin due to its small molecular size *and* once applied to skin, it works with the body’s natural chemistry to convert to the purest form of vitamin C for maximum results.

♐︎📦 Take your love of astrology and skincare to the next level with Dr. Emer’s curated Sagittarius skincare bundle.


Capricorn (December 21-January 20)

Workaholic Capricorn is persistently ambitious *and* ambitiously persistent. This sign is perma-stressed out and continuously mentally organizing and reworking their long to-do list to achieve their daily goals and tasks. This earth sign is disciplined, likes money, and instant gratification. Capricorns are represented by the goat (or GOAT, if you will) for good reason. LeBron James, Ryan Seacrest, and Michelle Obama are famous Caps who embody the traits of this zodiac sign.

The perfect gift for your Capricorn is one that is both practical with quick and effective results. That’s why your Cap will get a kick out of the Emerage Skin x AnteAge Microchannel Stamp. They’ll love the science behind the needles of the actual stamper as you explain to them that it painlessly creates microchannels in the skin. The channels serve two purposes. One, they create micro-injuries in the skin that the body then heals by producing more collagen and elastin at the puncture site. This process firms skin giving it a tighter and more youthful appearance. Secondly, these channels serve as portals for enhanced product penetration, allowing your Capricorn to maximize the benefits of their skincare serums. To go with the Microchannel Stamp, treat your Capricorn to the AnteAge MD GF Serum. When used with the Microchannel Stamp, the benefits of this stem cytokine (harnessed from stem cells) and growth factor-infused serum are heightened to produce maximum skin-firming and wrinkle-reducing results. In addition, this serum also contains skin-firming peptides and anti-aging antioxidants. Tell your Capricorn to take a selfie on day one and day 30 of their Microchannel Stamping journey and be prepared to be amazed by their results. 

♑︎📦 Take your love of astrology and skincare to the next level with Dr. Emer’s curated Capricorn skincare bundle.

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