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SENTÉ Illumine Eye Cream

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SENTÉ® Illuminé Eye Cream is powered by our patented Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA) technology which improves the appearance of the skin around the eye in as early as 2 weeks. Clinically proven to diminish dark circles, lines, wrinkles and puffiness around the eye area.

Ophthalmologist-Tested, Safe for Contact Wearers, Paraben Free, Fragrance Free, No Animal Testing.


  • Helps diminish the appearance of redness and periorbital discoloration .
  • Improves the appearance of wrinkles and crepiness resulting in firmer, smoother looking skin 
  • Improves the appearance of puffiness.
    Why Dr.Emer

    loves it.

    Puffy eyes with dark circles are some of the easiest ways to touch up your face and appear happier and more natural. This cream is made specifically with the idea of providing hydration, improving the appearance of puffiness, and improving the appearance of wrinkles and crepiness around the eyes.

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