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RestorSea 24Kt Liquid Gold Face Oil

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Fight oil with oil. Traditionally we fight oily skin by stripping the it of its essential oils. Unfortunately, this action tricks the skin into thinking it is dehydrated and causes it to produce more sebum. When you apply oil formulated for the face, the skin believes it is hydrated and sebum production is under control.

Restorsea's 24kt Liquid Gold Face Oil is formulated with 3X the amount of its proprietary enzyme, Aquabeautine XL®. Plus it contains 24kt gold flakes. Gold has been known throughout the ages for its healing properties.

Please note: Restorsea's proprietary, active enzyme is very sensitive to heat. To ensure optimal product performance, please promptly store products in a cool, dry place upon receipt.

Why Dr.Emer

loves it.

Sometimes your face's skin is your own worst enemy. Dead skin cells cover your skin and block your beautiful, radiant skin underneath from emerging. This face oil contains ingredients to gently digest dead skin, with simultaneous brightening and boosting the emerging skin underneath.

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