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Emerage Medical Opens in West Hollywood
via West Hollywood Lifestyle

Just in time for summer and post-pride parties, Dr. Jason Emer, LA’s top board-certified Dermatologist unveils a stratosphere of cosmetic innovation inside his new comprehensive medical/surgical facility at 9201 Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood; Emerage Medical.

Week of June 7th – Celebrities Spoted Out
via OK USA

Bill Bellamy dropped by Dr. Jason Emer's new state of the art medical facility in West Hollywood to get the Game of Thrones-inspired facial on Wednesay.

Breaking Down Plastics – The Most Commonly Requested Procedures
via Haute Beauty

Dr. Jason Emer shares his number one tip to keeping your skin healthy in the summer.

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The 'Resting Angry Face' Cure?

Have you ever heard of “resting angry face”? Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon and dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer help their patient Sue express the happiness she’s feeling.

The 'Resting Angry Face' Fix!

With the help of dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer and fillers, Sue undergoes an on-air treatment to help get rid of her uncontrollable frown without having to endure a major surgery. Dr. Emer uses fillers to rejuvenate her problematic areas. He injects Sue in the eyebrow, temple and forehead.

Could a Sea Salt Facial Help Hydrate your Skin This Fall?

Fall can leave you with dull skin. Dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer joins The Doctors to discuss a new refreshing facial that uses sea salts to restore and replenish skin.

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