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5 Pcs EMER SKIN Intense Hydration Mask Bundle

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EMER SKIN INTENSE HYDRATION MASK is a restorative hydration treatment for irritated or compromised skin. The mask features bio fibers infused wIth skin calming and soothing ingredients to reduce irritation. The biocellulose mask is breathable and mimics the skin natural barrier providing instant comfort and relief when the skin may be irritated or inflamed. The hyaluronic acid combined with peptides and aloe provides for a gentle and nourishing treatment quickly restoring your skins protective barrier leaving it smooth and dewy, Licorice root and tea Tree to comfort irritation and swelling, immediately leaving your skin with a healthy and radiant glow.

Voted Best After Sun Mask available by WWD Magazine

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Customer Reviews

Based on 106 reviews
Michelle Kellum
Hydration mask review

Hands-down, best mask out there! It definitely lives up to its name. The hydration is superior from other products.


I have been searching for a sheet mask that was actually beneficial to me. I have acne as my main concern, with dry and sensitive skin. Those things being very contradicting makes it so difficult to find suitable products. My skin was dewy after using this product, but when I woke up the day after it was absolutely obvious that my skin was thriving! It was glowing, soft and comfortable! I absolutely love it, and it's my new favorite sheet mask. I usually break out from almost all products, but this mask didn't break me out AND it actually made my skin more clear and glowing.

Exceeded my expectations

I didn't expect anything crazy from this mask, but I was super wrong. I have no idea what kind of magic they put in this mask, but WOW. It leaves me with a gorgeous shine and has this spectacular brightening power that gives my face a happy glow. The serum treatment did not irritate and left my skin feeling flawless Magic. I need to buy more bundles!

Always excited to use this

Bought a single mask to try it out and ended up loving it so much I had to get the big pack! I look forward to using these weekly every Friday night to wind down a hectic work week. I have very sensitive skin and this is such a soothing mask. The sheet mask itself is very high quality and covers my whole face completely. My face is sooo happy when I wake up the next morning.

What a wonderful mask!!!

I adore this! It’s has ingredients to die for. It’s packed full of amazing ingredients!! This should be a serum! My skin looks and feels so soft, healthy and glowing after using and leaves my skin this way for a few days!! This is a top fave of my masks! I love this for every skin issue -- dry, over stressed, too much sun, dull, tired and for days/nights I want a beautiful glow!

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