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AnteAGE MD® Brightener

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The AnteAGE MD® Brightener contains powerful ingredients to reveal glowing, healthy skin. This unique Brightener smooths uneven skin tone and encourages a naturally lighter complexion. Tranexamic acid, engineered peptides, and growth factors combine to fade discoloration without drying or irritation– revealing balanced and radiant skin. AnteAGE MD® Brightener can be used daily with any other AnteAGE MD® products and in conjunction with cosmetic treatments.


Apply 2-3 pumps to fingertips. Massage into face, neck, chest or other affected areas. Allow skin to naturally absorb Brightener before applying additional product. If using with the AnteAGE MD® Skincare System, apply in the following order- Serum, Brightener, Accelerator.

May be applied twice daily until desired results are achieved. Discontinue if skin becomes irritated and consult your doctor. Use daily sun protection while using this product. Avoid unnecessary exposure to direct sun.

AnteAGE MD® Brightener


AnteAGE MD®️ is the next-generation of growth factor skin care and treatments. Scientists discovered that a specific population of cells direct natural skin repair: the bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell. The scientists at Cellese have decoded the anti-inflammatory biosignal language of these stem cells, culturing them in the lab for use in powerful and targeted anti-aging skin treatments. For microneedling, hair regrowth, vaginal rejuvenation, skin brightening, and general anti-aging– AnteAGE MD®️ delivers the exact natural biosignals needed for healing and rejuvenation.


The only growth factor product to defend against all pathways to skin discoloration.

Non-sensitizing and non-phototoxic.

Safe for all skin types and Fitzpatrick levels.

The only anti-pigmentation product with BMSC growth factors.

Be your own kind of beautiful


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