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Faith LAMÉLABO Essence Serum

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Vitamin C Glycoside Encapsulated in "Faith Fresh Collagen" Firms the Skin and Gives it a Radiant Appearance

Dissolve the freeze-dried essence in the Vitamin C glycoside water before use.  "Faith Fresh Collagen" aligns the lamellar structure of the stratum corneum, improving the skin's appearance to look more even, smooth, and youthful.

Directions for Use

After washing your face in the morning and at night, gently squeeze the rubber top on the dropper, apply 3-4 drops serum on your entire face and gently work it into your skin. You can tell it has absorbed when your face feels dry. Apply repeatedly to areas of concern.

"Faith Fresh Collagen" is sensitive to temperature and becomes denatured when stored at high temperatures.  Please refrigerate after dissolving.

Product is free of parabens, surfactants, mineral oils, dyes, ethanol, phenoxyethanol, and fragrances.

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