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LightStim Acne Bundle

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This bundle contains a LightStim Acne to kill bacteria causing acne and 10 Crystal Fiber Masks to deeply hydrate, heal, soothe, and cool the skin.  Designed to be purchased with packages such as the Anti-Acne Packages or Accutane Packages.

 Bundle contains:

  • LightStim Acne - Heals and calms existing breakouts; destroy acne-causing bacteria to minimize future breakouts.  A combination of red and blue LEDs restore skin’s clear and healthy appearance.
  • Emer Skin Intense Hydration Masks (x9) - This mask a restorative hydration treatment for irritated or compromised skin. The mask features bio fibers infused wIth skin calming and soothing ingredients to reduce irritation. The biocellulose mask is breathable and mimics the skin natural barrier providing instant comfort and relief when the skin may be irritated or inflamed. The hyaluronic acid combined with peptides and aloe provides for a gentle and nourishing treatment quickly restoring your skins protective barrier leaving it smooth and dewy, Licorice root and tea Tree to comfort irritation and swelling, immediately leaving your skin with a healthy and radiant glow.