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Alastin Skincare Transform Body

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with TriHex Technology

Aids in fat reduction post thermal/cool fat reduction procedures by accelerating the digestion of fat debris (autophagy process).  As a stand-alone product, it improves the appearance of sagging skin and aids in smoothing the crepey texture of the skin.

  • Hexapeptide 11- peptide in lipodrone delivery system and helps support autophagy process
  • Tripeptide 2- helps support the body’s immune system
  • Candida extract- helps assist in autophagy and supports lysosomes
  • TriHex technology
  • Tetrapeptide 2- elastin binding and production
  • Dill extract- aids in firmness
  • Plantain leaf/linseed extract- promotes hydration
  • Hydromethoxyphenyl Decanone- aids in Hyaluronic Acid production

Perfect to pair with body treatments performed in office –  Morpheus on the body, TruSculptID, TruSculpt FLEX, BodyTone