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5 Incredibly Innovative Fashion & Beauty Products You Need To Try

5 Incredibly Innovative Fashion & Beauty Products You Need To Try

Sometimes a clever invention that appears to solve an annoying problem is just too good to be true, but today, that is not the case. I’m sharing 5 products in the fashion and beauty space that actually achieve what they promise to accomplish. From high-performance clean formulas to time and space-saving gadgets and products that will just make life easier, here are the clever items you need to know about:

1) A 5-In-1 Skincare Tool That Gets It All Done: Nudestix x Beauty Magnet 5-In-1 Rosegold Professional Skin Tool

What’s better than one innovative beauty tool? How about five tools in one? That’s exactly what you get with the Beauty Magnet, a clever multifunctional tool developed by esthetician Liz Kennedy. The Beauty Magnet features a professional derma roller, rose quartz face roller, de-puffing eye roller, comedone extractor, and precise tweezer, all magnetized together for easy and travel-friendly organization. You’ll have all the tools you need to get your best skin ever, wherever you are.

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