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5 in 1 skin care tool

This 5-in-1 skin care tool leaves my face feeling rejuvenated and refreshed

It includes everything I need for an at-home facial.

In the era of tools, tutorials and 10-step routines, skin care is anything but simple. It has seemingly become a mystifying world of secrets that any beauty aficionado must dedicate time to decoding. One thing I've been able to figure out is that the list of "must-have" products for achieving "perfect" skin in endless.

And my medicine cabinet reflects that. As soon as you swing open the mirror doors, a flurry of potions and tools come tumbling out: tweezers, toners, rollers, serums, you name it. My immense collection continues to grow, but part of me just wants to clean house and narrow it down the essentials. Thankfully, NUDESTIX heard my mental cry and sent me its newest 5-in-1 Professional Skin Tool to try.

This time, no decoding is necessary — this is the only tool you need to simplify your routine.

NUDESTIX x Beauty Magnet 5-in-1 Professional Skin Tool

The innovative (and gorgeous — did I mention it's rose gold?) set contains many of the hottest skin care tools on the market today, including tweezers, a derma roller, a rose quartz face roller, an eye roller and a comedone extractor. But what sets this multipurpose product apart from the rest is its compact size and functionality — it's portable and each of the tools are magnetized, which keeps them neatly stacked atop one another and nearly impossible to lose.

Of the five, my personal favorite tool is the de-puffing eye roller. It’s made of 100% metal and is the perfect size to snuggle and roll directly into the contours of my eye sockets. Massaging the under-eye area with the roller feels invigorating, and it's a refreshing first step that helps to wake me up in the morning. (Pro tip: Leave this tool in the fridge overnight so that it's cool to the touch in the a.m.) Consistent use of the tool is meant to reduce puffiness and help fight against the formation of fine lines and wrinkles around the corners of the eyes. Only time will tell how well it does, but I'm not disappointed with the results so far.

The rose quartz roller helps to contour and de-puff your face by promoting lymphatic drainage. I like to use it after applying my serums and moisturizers because it helps my skin to better absorb each product.

Nudestix 5 in 1 tool ode

According to NUDESTIX, the rose quartz stone (which is made with rose gold accents "to add love, energy and luxury" to your routine) stays cooler longer than traditional jade rollers and is more durable. Based on my testing, this seems to ring true. The jade rollers that I've used in the past normally begin to heat up after just a few rolls across the cheek. However, the rose quartz stone stayed cool for the entire time I swiped it across my face.

The five-piece set is simple to use and completely customizable. You can swivel out the tool of your choice, separate the whole stack to use each tool one at a time or even take out a piece you don't want to include in your routine. I detached the comedone extractor since it's something I've heard dermatologists recommend people avoid for at-home use. When used incorrectly, it can possibly cause scarring and worsen breakouts. I took the time to cautiously play around with it but ended up popping pimples that weren’t ready to go, so I removed it from the stack to avoid any temptation to (over)use it again.

I like to use dermarollers as an at-home treatment to plump up my skin and target dark spots. The NUDESTIX x Beauty Magnet tool is made with 540 needles that are each 0.3-mm long. After using it, I didn’t see a significant difference in my skin compared to similar tools I've been using for the past year. However, I like having this travel-size version that is effective and easy to pack in a pinch.


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