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How This Comedian Gets His Skin So Good - Emerage Cosmetics

How This Comedian Gets His Skin So Good


"Photo courtesy of Benito Skinner"

Benito Skinner’s philosophy of buying beauty products can be best explained by Joe Biden. “Guess what? It grows the economy,” Biden said in a press conference. “Benefits everybody. Hurts nobody.” Of course, the president of the United States was talking about an infrastructure plan, but the same principle applies here. “I do not tell anyone what to do with their money. Boost the economy, babe, do whatever you want for your skin,” says the comedian, who is best known for his sketches and celebrity impersonations.

“This is from Dr. Jason Emer, who is a microneedling king, and he was recommended to me by Sofie Pavitt. I just got his hyaluronic acid, and it’s great. I feel like there are definitely some great ones on the market — I’ve used the $8 Inkey List Serum before, and I loved that; I have used the Barbara Sturm one, and it was amazing.

I use hyaluronic acid a little bit sparingly because if I use it and then I also use moisturizer and sunscreen, I’m going to be a big oil ball. Some people really douse it on, and I can’t go full-on, especially when I’m filming in front of lights during the day — I want to be moisturized but I can’t be too moisturized or the shine will throw off the auto-balance. A few drops gives nice hydration. That said, sometimes I’ll take a shower at night, and maybe my boyfriend will want to go out to dinner, and I’m like, ‘I look like a wet rat, but okay, let’s do it.



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