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How To Pick A Body Serum For Your Below-The-Neck Glow

How To Pick A Body Serum For Your Below-The-Neck Glow

Within the skin care world, body care is a category that’s been booming with formula and product innovations that go beyond your generic moisturizing body lotion. As of late, it’s body serums in particular that have been flooding the beauty shelves.

In general, serums are the products that get sandwiched between your cleanser and your moisturizer. They function as the workhorse of your beauty routine since they contain a hefty dose of active ingredients that address specific skin concerns — think of them as boosters that can help with anything from hyperpigmentation to inflammation.

While you may be well-acquainted with serums for your face, body serums promise similar results for the skin beneath your neck. “These are formulated for the thicker skin of the body, to penetrate more deeply and spread more easily since the area is larger and has thicker protective surface skin,” says Dr. Jason Emer, M.D., a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist. And, though you can find a facial serum for practically any issue, those for the body tend to be geared towards nourishing, tightening, and hydrating, says board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Sadati, M.D. — although as the category continues to grow, you can expect to see a wider variety of treatments start to crop up.

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