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It’s time to get rid of congested skin once and for all. Meet your new skincare sidekick, acid layering.

As we approach the one and a half year mark of face mask wearing, congested skin has unfortunately become the norm. It’s nearly impossible for pores to not be clogged with sweat, debris, dead skin cells, and impurities. Since we can’t walk around with filters IRL, we contacted Dr. Jason Emer, board certified dermatologist from LA, to find out how to combat our dull looking selfies.  Fortunately, he’s a man with a plan and  taught us about the art of acid layering.

Before we get into the specifics of acid layering, Dr. Emer says it’s imperative we first prep the skin. If skin is not properly cleansed, it cannot be properly treated. Dr. Emer told us that he always has his patients double cleanse their skin with a foaming or hydrating cleanser, followed by an ezymatic cleanser. The rule of thumb is to use an oil based cleanser first and then use a water based cleanser.

Emerage enzymatic polish

Emerage Enzymatic Polish face cleanser (Dhs164, Emerage Cosmetics) contains papaya and natural alpha hydroxy acids. (Instagram @emeragecosmetics)

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