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Why ‘Inflammaging’ Is The Aging Term You Need To Know About - Emerage Cosmetics

Why ‘Inflammaging’ Is The Aging Term You Need To Know About

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Fusion Shield SPF 30

If you think back to your high school physics class, you may remember learning Isaac Newton's third law of motion. It states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The same can be said of the relationship between our lifestyle choices and our bodies. Every decision made has a ripple effect on the body’s inflammation levels that, in turn, directly influences the aging process.

The concept, known as ‘inflammaging’ (read: inflammation + aging), refers to “low-grade chronic inflammation that forms in the body as the result of exposure to environmental factors and contributes to physical aging and the onset of age-related diseases,” says Ebru Karpuzoglu, PhD, an immunologist and founder of AveSeena. In 2000, the concept of inflammaging was coined by Italian researcher Claudio Franceschi, yet only recently did it catch on as part of the aesthetic community’s vernacular. “Inflammaging is not a story, nor is it a trend,” Dr. Karpuzoglu explains. “It’s a scientific term that’s getting a lot of attention these days due to the amount of stress we are all constantly under.”

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