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SENTÉ - Invisible Shield Full Physical SPF 49 (nontinted)

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SENTÉ Invisible Shield broad spectrum sunscreen is a highly elegant, all in one full physical skin shield that provides a high SPF (49) and the highest level of UVA protection at PA++++. This formula is lightweight and blends well with other SENTÉ products and wont pill with Make-up!  SENTÉ Invisible Shield broad spectrum sunscreens also defend against urban or city life (pollution and blue light) and other solar radiation while detoxifying the skin.

      Why Dr.Emer

      loves it.

      Whether you have dry skin or not, a good moisturizer will keep your skin healthier and delay the onset effects of aging. This moisturizer enhances barrier repair and skin resilience by using sunflower and soy phospholipids restore lipid barrier in order to provide instant and long lasting hydration. It can also be mixed with Sente Dermal Repair Cream for extra moisturization.

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