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Redefining Perfection, with Jason J. Emer, MD

Redefining Perfection, with Jason J. Emer, MD

Listen as world-renowned dermatologist, Michael H. Gold, MD, FAAD, gives us great insight on energy-based devices, and how they treat a myriad of skin conditions. He also uncovers the latest advances in scar treatment. It's an episode you won't want to miss!

Dr. Emer is well-known throughout the nation as the master of his field. He is redefining the world of liposuction and body shaping, one impeccably-sculpted client at a time. Dr. Emer pushes the boundaries of what’s possible – earning him a well-deserved reputation as the man behind some of Beverly Hills’ most notorious bodies. This is a must-listen episode!

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Topics he covers include:

  1. Because June is Men’s Health Month, LiVDerm is featuring some topics that pertain specifically to men. You specialize in both surgical and nonsurgical methods to reshape the nose. How do these services relate specifically to your male patients – and have you seen an increase in demand from male patients in recent years?

  2. South Beach Symposium is expanding our reach to the West Coast for a first-ever conference this October 14-16. As one of the most prominent dermatologists in California, what can the audience expect from SBS: WEST COAST DERM, a meeting geared towards the needs of a West Coast clientele?

  3. Can you give our listeners a glimpse into plasma pen treatments for nonsurgical skin rejuvenation and explain why patients have been so enthusiastic about these treatments and the results?

  4. How can chemical peel treatments enhance the results of injectables like fillers and botox?

  5. Why is the heart-shaped face such a visually appealing aesthetic, and what injection techniques can providers use to achieve it?

  6. And finally, we are so excited to welcome you to Miami Beach this August for your much-anticipated sessions at South Beach Symposium! Among all the topics you’ll be covering, you’ll also take part in the Star Panel: Expert-Led Discussion of Practice Management for Cosmetic Dermatologists. Why is it so important for dermatologists to come together in forums like this, and what can attendees learn from these interactions between the experts beyond just a traditional lecture?


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