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Shower Rituals That Will Give You Your Softest Skin Ever

Shower Rituals That Will Give You Your Softest Skin Ever

Amid the ongoing stress of daily life and the hustle and bustle of work, it's nice to slip away every now and again for a relaxing moment alone. Some people like to get away by gardening, while others enjoy yoga or journaling. However, there's nothing like a relaxing shower ritual to bring peace to your mind, body, and spirit. "Time in the shower also gives you a few minutes alone to focus on your breathing and mindfulness, both of which can reduce feelings of stress and support your self-care," health coach Jim Curtis told Well + Good. If you love a good shower, there are countless ways to up its benefits, including taking your skincare routine to the next level.

Turning your showers into a sanctuary for self-care can be an excellent way to nourish your body and care for your skin. And experts agree that a consistent routine along with a good night's sleep are the two biggest gifts you can give your skin. "Regular body hygiene is important to prevent overgrowth of microorganisms on the skin," dermatologist Joshua Zeichner tells Refinery29, adding that you should always be washing sensitive areas like your face and underarms daily. A comprehensive at-home skincare routine is key for smoother skin because this gives the body the nutrients it needs to repair and replenish damaged skin cells. So, if you're looking to regain your radiant glow, use our shower routine ritual guide to get smooth skin that you'll feel confident showing off.

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